Choosing your stones

Our experienced stone consultants know how hard it is to choose the right material and will make all efforts to help you with the process..

When should you start looking for your natural stone?

Due to ever changing inventory, it is a good idea to start early. Three to four weeks away from your countertops being installed is an ideal time to start finding the materials you like. After a few weeks of quotes, you will be able to cut down the search. Once you have decided on a stone, the next step is picking your actual slab. We will hold our actual slab for five days awaiting your fabricators delivery request without a deposit.

Before arrival:

Visit our full online photo inventory of the large variety natural stone we currently have in stock. Natural stone has unique colors, and can make a dramatic change to a room. The following guideline can be used to help you consider your needs.

– Lighter natural stones can open up a smaller room and make it seem larger

– Patterned stones tend to add a more dramatic look to the room

– Darker colors will warm a room making it more cozy

It also helps to bring any samples possible such as: cabinets, paint colors, floor, and any other colors that you want to bring out in your natural stone.

Upon arrival:

When you arrive, you will fill out a customer selection sheet. This is so we can send your fabricator the stone selections you want a quote for on your job. If you do not have a fabricator yet, we keep this information on file. When you decide on a fabricator we will send your selection sheet at that time.

Our showroom consultants will give you a tour of our 18,000 sq. ft. indoor warehouse, allowing you to view our selection of hundreds of natural stone slabs. We have tried to provide the best possible lighting to view the slabs. We know it can be difficult to see the true colors in a natural stone since there can be so many different ranges of beautiful colors within one slab. So you can make the best possible decision, we will move materials you like outside to be viewed in daylight. It will bring out colors that usually won’t be seen inside the warehouse. After helping thousands of homeowners choose the right stone, we know that this process is helpful in eliminating some of the choices on your list. Once you have a couple of stone choices, we will send all of the information to the fabricators you would like. Fabricators will give you a quote based on your square footage.

Choosing your actual slab:

After you receive your fabricator’s quotes and have a finalized stone, it is time to pick your actual slabs. After measuring, your fabricator will know how many slabs you will need. Here at CRS Marble & Granite we want you to get the slab that you love. That is why we provide a tagging process that insures your exact slab is sent to the fabricator of your choice. We will open up multiple slabs for you to see together. After tagging your slab you’re finished with CRS Granite & Marble. We expect that you will be very happy with your natural stone selection for a long time.