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We currently carry a wide variety of over 150 colors of granite, along with marble and quartzite.
One of the hardest natural materials on earth makes granite the most sought after natural stone for counter tops, vanities, flooring and many other indoor and outdoor uses. Composed of many different minerals primarily of quartz, mica, and feldspar, granite's look is unique. This is because it is formed deep in the earth at extremely high temperatures. Melting minerals gives the granite its extreme variety of vibrant colors, wide range of patterns, and its durable strength.
Marble is a natural stone composed predominantly of calcite and dolomite or serpentine, depending on the color. Marble has studding range of rich colors from snow white, or salmon pink, to coal black. Marble adds an elegant touch to vanity tops and fireplaces.
Quartzite is a metamorphic quartz-based stone formed in exceedingly hard layers. In some deposits, intrusion of minerals during the formation process creates unusual coloration.
Natural stone movement or veining varies from lot to lot. There may be a small difference in color. CRS Marble & Granite will gladly show you the actual full slabs of the wide variety of granite and marble.
Pricing countertops includes many different variables that only a fabricator can give you. CRS Marble and Granite will gladly price out any of our material to the fabricator of the customer's choosing.
Darker colors are approximately 18 lbs. per sq. ft. and lighter colors are approximately 14 lbs. per sq. ft. Slab sizes can range from 102? x 65? to 130? x 80?. Some materials come in smaller and bigger slabs; each individual lot will differ in slab size.
Natural stone is quarried from all around the world, mostly Brazil, India, Italy, Spain, China, and France.
Granite is highly durable and scratch and chip resistant under normal use. It also adds a vibrant touch and value to any kitchen. Because each stone is unique, you will have a one of a kind, beautiful counter top.
Marble is a bit less durable then granite. It is more prone to getting scratched and stained. Bathrooms and fireplaces are less susceptible then a kitchen to wear and tear.
No matter the surface, unkempt and unclean countertops can harbor bacteria. Granite, when kept clean, is tested to being second only to stainless steel to resist the growth of bacteria.
Please visit the Marble Institute of America's website for complete information. You can read the research studies conducted by the MIA.
You will never have to re-polish granite under normal household use.
CRS Marble & Granite is only a natural stone distributor. Meaning, we do not cut or install granite. So the below questions we are unable to answer, therefore, they are for your fabricator and will differ from countertop to countertop.

Questions for your fabricator:

Q:Will my countertop have seams?

Q:Do I need additional cabinet supports?

Q:How often do you have to seal granite?

Q:How do you know when granite needs to be re-sealed?

Q:What should I use to clean my countertops?

Q:Can my marble countertops be refinished once they become scratched?

Q:What is the price of the material I like?

For more questions and information please visit Marble Institute of America.

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